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Neuropsychology Service - Washington DC VA Medical Center
Nov 10, 2009 . Select the portion of the VA web site you want to search . Neuropsychological evaluation is often quite helpful in determining whether .

PM&R Publications and Research - Minneapolis VA Health Care ...
Oct 27, 2011 . Neuropsychological evaluation of blast-related concussion: Illustrating the challenges and complexities through OEF/OIF case studies.

Development and assessment of a neuropsychological battery to aid ...
Department of Research and Development, Department of Veterans Affairs Chicago Health . Key words: aging, dementia, driving, neuropsychological testing.

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        Psychology Predoctoral Internship - Minneapolis VA Health Care ...
        Nov 30, 2011 . Select the portion of the VA web site you want to search . A distinctive feature of neuropsychological evaluation is the assessment of brain .

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        Assessment: Neuropsychological testing of adults.
        excludes neuropsychological testing in developmen- tal disorders. The report . vices or the Department of Veterans Affairs is intended or should be inferred.

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        Department of Veterans Affairs UAB Department of Psychiatry ...
        VA Logo VA Southeastern Blind Rehabilitation Center; VA Outpatient Substance . The neuropsychological evaluation is part of a comprehensive assessment .

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        Neuropsychology Clinic DVA
        The Neuropsychology Clinic provides neuropsychological evaluation services throughout the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Referrals are .

        Neuropsychological Testing
        Neuropsychological testing consists of the administration of a series of standardized assessments . Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense.

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        NANCY H. HSU, PSY.D.
        Conducted comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations with persons with . University of Maryland School of Medicine/VA Maryland Health Care. 6/30/05 .

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        Evaluation of Competency: Ethical Considerations for ...
        Philadelphia Veterans Administration Medical Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and . argued that neuropsychological testing is irrelevant to capacity .

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        Training and management of a multisite neuropsychological testing ...
        Training and management of a multisite neuropsychological testing protocol for the Department of Veterans Affairs cooperative study evaluating on- and .

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