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thundercloud red leaf plum

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'Thundercloud' Red Leaf - TyTy Nursery
The 'Thundercloud' Red Leaf Plum grows up to 20 feet tall, and is normally best grown in full sun, sun and it will grow well in practically any soil type.

A Tree Grower's Diary: Purple Leaf Plum
tree grower's diary, purple leaf plum. . Prunus cerasifera - 'Thundercloud' . The backyard is alive with color: purple leaf plum in pink, October Glory red maple .

A Tree Grower's Diary: Purple Leaf Plum Facts
A Tree Grower's Diary Thundercloud Purple Leaf Plum DETAILED FACTS. Photographs and text by Julie Walton Shaver. PLP-serratedleaf51306.jpg .

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        'Thundercloud' Red Leaf Plum Tree - YouTube
        Mar 19, 2011 .

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        Prunus cerasifera ' Thundercloud' : ' Thundercloud' Cherry Plum
        `Thundercloud' Purple-Leaf plum has new foliage which unfolds as ruby red, then turns reddish-purple for the rest of the growing season. Its fast growth rate and .

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        Cherry plum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        The cultivar 'Thundercloud' has bright red foliage which darkens purple. Others, such as 'Lindsayae', have green foliage. Some kinds of purple-leaf plums are .

        Thundercloud Flowering Plum - Prunus cerasifera 'Thundercloud ...
        `Thundercloud' flowering plum is grown for its red foliage which is borne on a fast . It bears simple, 2-4 long elliptically shaped leaves which are arranged .

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        THUNDERCLOUD PURPLE-LEAF PLUM Brief Tree ... - SelecTree
        utility friendly tree icon THUNDERCLOUD PURPLE-LEAF PLUM Prunus cerasifera 'Thundercloud'. General Notes. Produces considerable crop of red plums.

        Questions On Plum
        Q: I live in central Pennsylvania and have a thundercloud plum tree. . On the sprouting twigs and leaf stems, there are occasional little red nodules about the .

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        Purple Leaf Plum Tree
        Oct 12, 2011 . Purple leaf plum is an deciduous ornamental tree cherished for its . known as the cherry plum, myrobalan plum and thundercloud purple leaf plum. . Purple leaf plum trees bear small, deep red or purple colored fruits in July.

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        Article - Purpleleaf Plums on the West Coast by Arthur Lee Jacobson
        Hundreds of thousands of purpleleaf plums darken our Northwest landscape. . It is indeed red in early spring, with white flowers, but by May it takes on a . Now common, it looks the world like 'Thundercloud' (i.e., with deep purple leaves, .

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        Landscape - Tree Tours Tree Culture Page
        BYU Campus Tree Tour. Advanced Search Tree List .

    Tips & Warnings

    • Thundercloud Plum Tree - Fast Growing Trees
      Alive with vivid red leaves that give way to a darker almost reddish-purple foliage, the thundercloud Plum tree maintains its rich color throughout most of the .

    • Prunus cerasifera Thundercloud
      Common Name: cherry plum . Prunus cerasifera is commonly called cherry plum. . 'Thundercloud' is purple-leaved cultivar that typically grows as a dense, . Serrate, ovate to elliptic leaves (to 2.5 long) emerge ruby red in spring, but mature .

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